Care instructions

All Simon Brock Handmade Leather Goods come with a small pot of conditioning cream and instructions on how and when to use it. If you’ve lost yours, or just want general advice on caring for vegetable tanned leather, here it is!

Lightly apply a thin layer of conditioning cream to both the grain (smooth) and flesh (rough) side, paying particular attention to areas which receive a lot of wear such as straps, handles and tabs. Allow the cream to penetrate fully until touch dry (normally a few hours but if you can leave it overnight, that’s even better), then lightly buff with a soft cloth.

Simon Brock Handmade Leather Goods have a water resistant finish, but it isn’t possible to fix dyes with 100% water fastness on vegetable tanned leather, so dyes may bleed if exposed to wet conditions. If the leather becomes wet, don’t rub it dry or apply heat as this can cause damage. Simply leave to dry naturally overnight, and then apply some conditioning cream or a neutral shoe cream to restore the surface.

With reasonable care, your purchase will last for years and years, becoming a faithful companion in a world of ever changing fashion fads. Enjoy watching over time as an attractive patina develops to help your item tell its own story and become uniquely yours.