Materials & Methods

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Before a single tool is taken down from the rack, Simon Brock Handmade Leather Goods already have history. Hides from mature UK cattle are slowly tanned over the course of many weeks at one of England’s surviving handful of traditional tanneries, using pit tanning methods which have changed little for centuries and still use tannins extracted from tree bark, leaves and twigs as the main tanning agent.

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All Simon Brock Handmade Leather Goods are made from ‘full grain’ leather, which means no work has been done to correct variations in the surface or to alter the natural texture of the leather. What’s more, it simply isn’t possible to produce full grain leather from inferior hides; only hides of the very highest quality can be used, and each one is slightly different, so your bag or belt won’t be quite like anyone else’s.

After dressing and dyeing at the tannery, it’s a short trip to the Simon Brock workshop, where each hide is stored carefully before being given its time to shine – literally; every hide is finished by hand, here in the workshop, to a mellow, natural lustre.

When the tools are, finally, taken down from the rack, they’re all the kind of hand tools that the saddlers and shoemakers of old would recognise immediately, and most of them are made right here in Sheffield. There isn’t a single machine in the workshop – no clicker presses for cutting out; no sewing machines for stitching; even the drawings and templates for each design are produced using pencils, set squares and compasses.

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It isn’t simply a case of ‘traditional for traditional’s sake’, though – carrying out every last little task by hand ensures that each process is executed with as much care and attention to detail as the one before. And it helps with durability, too: using time-honoured saddle stitching with waxed linen thread throughout not only looks great, but is stronger than anything a machine can produce.

As soon as your bag or belt is ready to leave the workshop, it’s wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, along with a pot of leather conditioning cream to help you take care of it, and dispatched in its own luxurious gift box, to any address you want on any day you choose*.

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With reasonable care, Simon Brock Handmade Leather Goods should last for many years, even decades, and they can be repaired here too, should anything happen to them. Over time, an attractive patina will develop, helping your item to tell its own story as it becomes a faithful and unique companion in a world of ever changing fashion fads.

*Free delivery to UK addresses Monday – Friday. Please see Delivery for more information.