Faithful to the rugged looks and build of the satchels of old…

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Pandora is one of four designs which were created out of a brief I set myself to re-imagine the traditional satchel, and of all these designs it is Pandora which is most faithful to the rugged looks and build of the satchels of old.

The bold, distinctive and easy-to-use ring and stud fastening sets Pandora apart from the crowd. Other elements of the design are borrowed and adapted from traditional harness and bridlework, and this – combined with the sturdy three-piece gusset construction – results in a bag which is just as robust as it looks.

With the option of an envelope pocket, Pandora is just that little bit more customisable than many of the other bags in the collection. Equally comfortable with the classic looks of white stitching with brass fittings or more daring combinations of coloured stitching with nickel plated steel, Pandora can be made as individual as you are. Perhaps that’s why it’s been my most popular design since day one.

Illustrated in Havana with blue stitching and nickel plated fittings, and in Oxford Tan with white stitching and brass fittings. Find out more about these options.

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190 x 210 x 45 mm